Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Located in South America, the Alpaca is a domesticated mammal that resembles the llama, but are smaller and aren't used as beasts of burden. Their coats are used to make blankets, sweaters, hats, socks and gloves. It is illegal to slaughter or trade Alpaca meat. They come in over 50 colors and are gentle, inquisitive and intelligent. They are kept in herds and make a humming sound that can take on many inflections and meanings. Males make a bird-like screams and will fight violently over females in the herd when mating. They don't like their heads being touched, but you can pet their necks and backs. Not all Alpacas spit, but they're capable, so don't piss 'em off.


Kanokadafi said...

wow, this is a very educational blog, finally I'm not wasting my time reading about what someone had for lunch.

aric said...

I really dig this picture man. Im starting a band and i was wondering if i could incorporate it with our logo. Nothing official just as a picture with our name. I dont plan on Selling it for profit or anything. So is that ok?

aric said...
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