Monday, September 24, 2007

My Band

Yesterday, my cousin commented on how many people in animation claim to play a musical instrument or are in some band or another. I laughed and told her not me...but that's a big lie.
Over ten years ago, I was the lead singer in a band called The Sexual Chocolates. We were pretty good (Cee-Lo had nothin' on me) and played gigs around NYC. Unfortunatly, I blew out my voice just as we were about to recorded our first album and we broke up soon after. That's when I started a new career in animation.
I'll never sing again, but I don't miss my time in music; I get just as much joy being unemployed or drawing pictures for very little pay. But sometimes I think back to those days and remember what a gift my voice would have been to the world...

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kaNO! said...

Maurice would then stage a comeback as hootie and the blowfish