Thursday, February 28, 2008


This was an assignment I did in my third year at the Kubert school (in 1991, I think). We were to take two pages of comic book scrip and pencil, ink and letter the pages. I picked Swamp Thing #26, written by Alan Moore. I'm a huge Alan Moore fan and figured this would be my only chance to kinda work with him. If you haven't read his Swamp Thing issues you're missing out on some of the best comics ever written. Looking back on these pages, I like some of the line-work, the page layout and the moodiness, but the anatomy is stiff. By this time, I had realized that I was much stronger using a more cartoonier style, but this was a fun challenge and one of the few Kubert assignment that I look back on and still kinda like. Click if you want to see it bigger.

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