Sunday, April 13, 2008


A few friends and I got a nice shout-out in the lastest issue of BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL, written by my pals Tony Bedard and the super-talented Rags Morales.In the issue, Batman and Nightwing try to figure out the identity of the villain known as the Wrath. They know he's a orphan, but which one?
Well, it sure ain't me, Jorge, Tom or Jesse, who all worked with Tony and Rags at Valiant Comics back in the day! I think it's that Caldwell guy.
Looks just like me, too! Batman Confidential #16 is on sale now!


Garrett said...

Slightful disturbing but at least you're famous now!

Have you seen this boy?

Shivers said...

HAHAHA... That's fantastic!
I'm so jealous!

xx Shivers